Wednesday, April 30, 2014

SDM/UIBinder phantom compile error won't go away, can't build app

Color me stoopid but...

I've got a phantom compile error that shows up building with SDM (and prevents me from launching SDM) but not otherwise. No complaints from Eclipse 4.3. Cleaning Eclipse project and relaunching Eclipse doesn't help, nor does restarting Firefox ESR 24.4 or even rebooting my Centor 5.1 dev box. I'm attempting to develop/build an MVP app GWT 2.6 and UIBinder..

I'm getting a complaint out of UIBinder trying to build one of my views. View used to extend DockLayoutPanel (constructor requires Style.Unit arg) but now extends SimpleLayoutPanel (I'm now putting the DockLayoutPanel within the SimpleLayoutPanel). UIBinder complains about my view not having a constructor with the Style.Unit arg. It's right that there is no such constructor, but wrong to think it needs one. I've thoroughly searched all the code and don't see any reason SDM/UIBinder should think I'm still using DockLayoutPanel instead of SimpleLayoutPanel as the root for this view.

I recall reading a post a while back (can't find it now) that indicated sometimes these phantom compile error stick around and won't go away until you delete some (error log?) file. Anyone know what file that would be? Is finding/deleting this file a viable solution or should I do something else instead?

I'd really like to use UIBinder but I've been stumped on this issue for a couple of days now and am about ready to rip out the UIBinder stuff and go back to building the UI by hand. Bummer!

Thanks for any clues....


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