Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Re: RadioButton does not get selected when setValue is called & events not fired in IE

dhoffer <dhoffer6@...> writes:

> I have two RadioButtons on a panel, each have an
> addValueChangeHandler() listener. Later after all the widgets are
> created and added to the panelI call readiobutton1.setValue(true,
> true) to both set it as selected and to fire events which the
> addValueChangeHandler() listener should pickup.
> However here is what happens.
> - Most of the time the selected RadioButton is not enabled, that is,
> neither of the RadioButtons are selected when the panel loads.
> However most of the time the event is fired/caught which causes other
> buttons to be enabled/disabled.
> - However in IE, most of the time the event (above) is not fired.
> Well actually all I can see is that the results of the event do not
> happen so it must not be fired.
> Am I doing something wrong? What is the right way to create
> RadioButtons with a default one and then have a listener to act based
> on what is selected either by the user or by code?
> Thanks much!

So, this has been driving me insane for almost a day.

Finally I have figured out how to get this to work. I presume it isn't
working because the widget hasn't been attached to the DOM. I haven't a
clue why this should matter to the browser, but I have found that putting
the RadioButton.setValue(<state>,<state>) works fine after the item has been
added to the initialized widget!

I know this is an old post, but I couldn't find a work around anywhere!

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