Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Supersourcing own clode and maintenance

Hi there,

I start to get tiered of maintenance overhead of my own code that I have to duplicate as GWT super-sourced classes. For some static pieces of code I can extract to a super-sourced utility, but if I have to add or override methods (e.g. readObject/writeObject) or constructors I can currently see no other way than duplicating the entire file just to have a super-sourced copy with maybe <1% difference. But whenever I change the original file, I must not forget to merge these changes into the super-sourced duplicate.
Is there any feature I am missing?
Do not get me wrong - GWT is really cool as it offers super-sourcing so it is already great that I have a solution at all to my problem.
But what would be even cooler is something like this:

  static final String LINE_SEPARATOR = System.getProperty(StringUtil.SYSTEM_PROPERTY_LINE_SEPARATOR);
  // static final String LINE_SEPARATOR = "\n";
  // } END_IF_GWT

This is just a stupid example that could also be solved with a small utility but it shows the general idea.
Would this be hard to build into the GWT compiler?
Or is there already some similar feature that I am missing?

Thanks & regards

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