Thursday, April 24, 2014

Re: Exception while dispatching incoming RPC call

On 04/24/2014 01:44 PM, Charles Nelson wrote:
> I've tried manually setting the service URL with
> setServiceEntryPoint(URL), ensuring the ServletContext.getResource()
> call and overriding the
> RemoteServiceServlet.doGetSerializationPolicy() methods but my app
> still fails on my hosting company's server. And they aren't providing
> access to the tomcat logs so I can't determine what's failing. This is
> my 1st pure GWT-RPC app. My other apps use GWT-HTTP for the client
> side and uses grails for the server side and I haven't had any issues
> with tomcat.
> Right now I'm lost...
Is your web exposed War deploy path the same as the Tomcat context path?

I have a system here I have to override the module base on the server
side with:

protected SerializationPolicy doGetSerializationPolicy(
HttpServletRequest request, String moduleBaseURL, String
strongName) {
// System.out.println("MUNGED moduleBaseURL: "+moduleBaseURL);
return super.doGetSerializationPolicy(request, moduleBaseURL,

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