Friday, May 31, 2013

SimplePager next/last not being disabled appropriately

Using GWT 2.5.1, has this method:

  protected void onRangeOrRowCountChanged() {
    HasRows display = getDisplay();

    // Update the prev and first buttons.

    // Update the next and last buttons.
    if (isRangeLimited() || !display.isRowCountExact()) {

Why are the next/last buttons enabled/disabled only if range is limited or if the row count isn't exact? I have a pager set to range limited false, and my data provider specifies that the row count is exact when I update the row count. With this setup, the next/last paging buttons will NEVER be updated!

Am I just using this wrong, or is it a bug?

I worked around the issue by subclassing SimplePager to allow me into that block at the bottom of onRangeOrRowCountChanged():

        protected void onRangeOrRowCountChanged() {
            boolean rangeLimited = isRangeLimited();

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