Thursday, May 30, 2013

Re: Wrong UTF-8 string parsing in GWT JSON

On 30/05/2013 08:49, Tibor Szolnoki wrote:
> Hi, my stack is overflow :):):):) I can't find the solution...
> I'm developing a server-client application.
> My GWT client running in browser. Communicate with my C++ server by:
> GWT-JSON -> lighttpd -> libfcgi -> cgicc -> libjson -> C++ application
> My problem:
> The server response with a JSON string to client's request. This response contains UTF-8
> strings. Accent characters encoded correctly with "\uXXXX" in response. For example: "Á"
> encoded: "\u00C3\u0081".
> The client extract the string from JSON string. But the extracted string contains bad
> encoded characters. :(:(:(:(
> Lucky, I can narrow the problem to JSON-GWT. Here is a code to demonstrate the problem,
> running in client side only in GWT:
> String response="{ \"test\" : \"\\u00C3\\u0081\\u00C3\\u0089\\u00C5\\u00B0\" }";
> //"ÁÉÜ" in UTF-8

No. That's not UTF-8, that's UNC encoding. It results in Java's UTF-16 encoding.

> JSONObject json=JSONParser.parseStrict(response).isObject();
> String s1=json.get("test").isString().stringValue();
> Window.alert(s1);
> byte[] b1=s1.getBytes();
> The results:
> Alert is: "à ÉŰ" instead of "ÁÉÜ"
> s1="à ÉŰ" instead of "ÁÉÜ"

That's the correct UTF-8 encoding of your characters.

It is working as intended. Perhaps you should read a bit more about Unicode, UTF-8, UTF-16
and all this confusing stuff... :-)

Philippe Lhoste
-- (near) Paris -- France
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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