Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Re: Lessons learned moving from GWT to Spring MVC

How can one compare something what  lives almost entirely in presentation-layer and has none strong dependencies on server-side (GWT) with framework which is focused on server-side without any real widget library?

Every SpringMVC app I developed used jQuery to add better experience to users.

W dniu wtorek, 28 maja 2013 16:21:22 UTC+2 użytkownik Ed napisał:
Just wanted to share the following webinar:
"Lessons learned moving from GWT to Spring MVC"
I was just listening to it (it's live now)... and really didn't like it...

The speaker wasn't talking very nice about GWT, not very objective...  all the little negatives things where made BIG...
Or maybe they had very bad developers as they talked about slow development, hosted mode startup times with over a minute :(.... etc.. etc...
Or maybe they were just using gwt 1.1 ;)

Strangge.... not my experience at all...

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