Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dynamically generated HTML and GWT


I'm hoping this can be done with relative ease in GWT.  I need to integrate a couple of features that involve HTML that is generated on the fly. Basically, the app gets some XML and sends it to a service which returns HTML (via an XSL transform).

There are two cases. 

1) The first is easy and it is working with GWT, but I have a question.  We just create an HtmlPanel and put the HTML in it.  But does the HTML need to be complete - should it have HTML, HEAD, and BODY tags or can it just be a blob of HTML?  Right now it does not have the HTML header and it works (the blob is wrapped in a DIV).  Just want to know what is "correct".

2) The second case is a little more tricky. It is similar to the first, but the HTML is a form.  So, it needs to display (which it does).  But how do I handle the submit button?


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