Friday, May 31, 2013

Re: GWT issue tracker spring cleaning

On Thursday, May 30, 2013 8:36:23 PM UTC+2, Ed wrote:
BTW: Note: some issues that are marked as Stale, I am planning to pick up and submit a patch, but that will not be soon, seen my agenda. So I hope the issue will still be considered then (or is considered dead by then when no activity happens in X weeks)    ;)

As with most OSS projects, patches are welcome whether there's an issue open for them or not (opening an issue then allows for better tracking, particularly when writing the release notes).
Before working on a patch though (particularly a big one), unless you're ready to maintain a personal/private fork, you'd probably better come discuss on the gwt-contrib: if it's something that would be rejected, no need to start working on a patch and it'll save you time (that you could then dedicate to some other patch :-P )

Think of "assumed stale" as "nobody seems to really care" (historically, "assumed stale" also meant "we think it might have been fixed, please test with the latest version", but it's not that different actually: we want to close the issue and send a "signal" to anyone who cares about it; if he says it's fixed, we can change the status to Fixed, if he says he no longer care, or doesn't respond, we'll leave it as is, or maybe change the status to NotPlanned; if he says he still wants it, then we'll probably leave it closed and "ask" for a patch; when the patch comes –or the contributor says he's about to start working on it– we can change the issue status).

BTW, there's a "glossary" at but it might need an update, and it doesn't talk about AssumedStale.
Maybe we should move it to, patches welcome ;-)
(if you want to propose enhancements to that wiki page, feel free to come discuss it at gwt-contrib –I'm not sure comments on the wiki will notify anyone, so better use gwt-contrib–)

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