Thursday, May 30, 2013

Re: Wrong UTF-8 string parsing in GWT JSON

Dear Philippe,

Thank you for the post,

>      String response="{ \"test\" : \"\\u00C3\\u0081\\u00C3\\u0089\\u00C5\\u00B0\" }";
> //"���" in UTF-8

No. That's not UTF-8, that's UNC encoding. It results in Java's UTF-16 encoding.

But "\u00C3\u0081" why not UTF-8 encoding?


"Á" (LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH ACUTE) hexa code is 0xC3 0x81
"\u00xx" in the JSON string is an escaped hexadecimal representation according to  RFC4627 (JSON)

But the character encoding is remain UTF-8, I think.


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