Sunday, March 31, 2013

Replacing classes during custom serialization

When doing custom serialization, is it possible to swap out one class
for another?

This would fix a _lot_ of problems using Objectify's Ref<?> and Key<?>
client-side, including, I think, being able to instantiate Refs and
Keys intelligently.

But I have an immediate problem I'm trying to fix - which is that
Ref<?> is a class hierarchy on the server side, but I'd really like to
simplify this to a single concrete Ref class client-side. So even
though the sever might return StdRef<?> or NullRef<?>, these should be
converted to a simplified, concrete Ref<?> on the client side.

Is this possible? It would be even better if I could somehow just
define one custom serializer that handles all Ref subclasses instead
of having to make separate custom serializers for each.

Thanks in advance,

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