Friday, March 29, 2013

Bean Validation customization questions

First of all i need to make MessageInterpolator decorator like that.

public class MessageInterpolatorDecorator implements MessageInterpolator {
    private final MessageInterpolator decorator;

    public MessageInterpolatorDecorator(MessageInterpolator decorator) {
        this.decorator = decorator;

    @Override public String interpolate(String messageTemplate, Context context) {
        return decorator.interpolate(messageTemplate, context);

    @Override public String interpolate(String messageTemplate, Context context, Locale locale) {
        return decorator.interpolate(messageTemplate, context, locale);

It looks like correct, but can't be compiled.

The second requirement in my project is usage DI in custom ConstraintValidator. For example:

public class ExistingCustomsCodeValidator implements ConstraintValidator<ExistingCustomsCode, String> {
    @Inject private CustomsCodeService customsCodeService;
    @Inject private ProcessingCtx processingCtx;

    @Override public void initialize(ExistingCustomsCode constraintAnnotation) {}

    @Override public boolean isValid(String value, ConstraintValidatorContext context) {
        return customsCodeService.isValid(value, processingCtx.getDeclarationDateTime());

It can be simply done at server side, but i haven't any idea how to do this on client side. Can somebody give me advice?

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