Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How To select all childnodes on selecting a parent node

I am new to GWT
Developing Tree like structure with parent and child Cell having a checkbox and TextCell
want to know how to set all checkbox as selected under a Parent when Parent Item is seleted
I have tried SingleSelection and MultiSelectionModel
I am unable to retrieve all childs on selecting a parent Checkbox.
I have following doubts
do I need different selectionModel for parent cell and a child cell ?
how to get childobject when parent node is selected?
written following sample code for selection

//ChildNode SelectionModelfinal MultiSelectionModel<RequestNotifyDTO> selectionModel =

new MultiSelectionModel<RequestNotifyDTO>();


new SelectionChangeEvent.Handler() {

public void onSelectionChange(SelectionChangeEvent event) {

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

boolean first = true;

List<RequestNotifyDTO> selected = new ArrayList<RequestNotifyDTO>(



for (RequestNotifyDTO value : selected) {

if (first) {

first = false;

} else {

sb.append(", ");




System.out.println("select value >> "+sb.toString());



//ParentNode SelectionModelfinal SingleSelectionModel<String> categorySelectionModel =

new SingleSelectionModel<String>();


new SelectionChangeEvent.Handler() {

public void onSelectionChange(SelectionChangeEvent event) {

Object obj=categorySelectionModel.getSelectedObject();

System.out.println("object >> "+obj);

//to do ????



Please assist

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