Thursday, March 28, 2013

Re: GWT Beginner's Tutorial

I really have enjoyed Marty Hall's slides and tutorials. The one that I have been using lately is (GWT 2.5 from May 2012).

But you can find all of his GWT training slides here:

This is great stuff for beginners who are just getting into GWT!

On Friday, June 8, 2007 3:17:31 AM UTC-4, mP wrote:

On Jun 8, 5:15 am, Marty Hall <> wrote:
> On Jun 6, 5:32 pm, Sanjiv Jivan <> wrote:
> > I still think that "Big learning curve" listed as a disadvantage is
> > not an accurate statement, certainly not for Java developers. Even if
> > I was attending a Tapestry class, I wouldn't want to see one of the
> > first slides say that it has a big learning curve ;) Maybe after the
> > class the audience can decide if GWT is their cup of tea.
> Well, the tact I take is to *not* try to be an advocate for a
> particular technology, but rather summarize what I think are the pros
> and the cons as accurately as possible at the beginning. Besides, I
> think in the long run people will be more satisfied if they have
> realistic expectations at the beginning.
> The single most common course I teach is on JSF, and I get so many
> requests for JSF training courses that I can hardly keep up. (A course
> Down Under in Sydney is next: yay!).

Dont come you wont like it here :)

But you should see all the
> negatives I cite about JSF early on. I am much harsher than I am with
> GWT. In general, I think it is unhelpful to potential developers if
> you cite the advantages without also citing the disadvantages.
> Anyhow, back to "big learning curve", I still think this is true. With
> most other Ajax tools, developers start with what they already know
> (xhtml, JavaScript, maybe JSP custom tags) and add in a few things.
> With GWT, they have to think in a whole new way, and they have to
> learn a new class for each xhtml form element that they already knew.
> Now, I think this is *more* productive in the medium and long term,
> but, still, my empirical observation is that people who start with GWT
> take longer to get going *initially* than they do with other Ajax
> tools. Instead of denying this initial ramp up time, I think it is
> better to argue that it is well worth it in the medium to long term.
> Or even in the just-a-bit-longer-than-short term. :-)

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