Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pre-load server-side resource before client finishes initializing

In our application we have some properties that are configured on the server (via a properties file) and need to be sent to the client. These are "mostly static" in that they are able to be changed, but in general they won't change. For example, one form we validate the email address against a specific domain. This domain is configurable, but will rarely actually change. Is there a way to "front-load" this property down to the client during the initial page request rather than having to make a call to a servlet to retrieve it? By having to hit the servlet, we end up with a chain of "onSuccess -> do next async call" stacked inside each other since we can't finish loading the page until these values have been retrieved from the server. This is a very messy solution.

The most reasonable solution so far is to create an object container for all the properties we need to front-load, and retrieve this object once rather than chaining each async call, but this doesn't seem ideal. Is there a better way to handle this?

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