Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Re: JAXB & GWT How I can use JAXB generated classes on client side

Hi man,

Sorry for the later answer.

You have this exception because Gwt Compiler try to find these classes in your Module.gwt.xml.
Example :
<source path="client"/>   (folder client)

When you have generated your classes with you file XSD, a class ObjectFactory.java was also generated,
and this class use :
javax.xml.namespace.QName ;

 If your ObjectFactory.java is in the folder client, when GWT Compiler try to build, you have this exception !

So the answer is to put your ObjectFactory.java in a folder who is not referenced in you Module.gwt.xml,
in my example not in the folder "client", more like "server" because I have only this folder referenced in Module.gwt.xml.

The Second answer is you cant use ObjectFactory.java in the client side, because of this !

Best regards.

Le mercredi 14 juillet 2010 17:29:16 UTC+2, Alberto Rugnone a écrit :
Hi all,
I have to use classes with jaxb annotation on client side, but GWT
compiler refuse to work throwing following exception

No source code is available for type javax.xml.namespace.QName
 No source code is available for type javax.xml.bind.JAXBElement<T>


someone can help me

Thank you very much in advanced

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