Friday, March 29, 2013

Complex JSON and overlay types

Hi everybody,
I want to read this kind of JSON with GWT:

{"records": [{"names": {"John": ["50", "H", "US"], "Jack": ["50", "H", "US"]}, "style": "TR"}]}

I use overlay for that.

If I use that, I get "TR":

 public final native String getStyle()
         return this.records[0].style;

So, it's work. Now I want to get John and the list 50,H,US. If I use that I get null:

public final native String getNames(String i)
         return this.records[0].names[i];

For the same thing, I try to do that and I get no result: (json is the of my class which is extended by JavaScriptObject)

       public final native JsArray<json> getArray(String key) /*-{
        return this[key] ? this[key] : new Array();




Have you any idea to do what I want?

Thank you in advance !

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