Thursday, March 28, 2013

Re: Sporadic errors during compilation, Checking type argument 0 of type 'java.util.Arrays.ArrayList, no default constructor.

Finally I find the solution!
In my dto I declared a property of type class X in which I declared an enum in this manner:

  public enum Type {
    SHORT ("S"), 
    MEDIUM ("M"), 
    LONG ("L");
    private String code;
    private Type(String code) {
      this.code = code;
    public String getCode() {
      return code;

When I replaced the enum with constants all the strange behaviors of the gwt rpc generator disappeared.
I dit not test more in depth to find the right declaration of the enum, but now I know that this was the cause.
I could only point out to the GWT team that maybe it would be better to improve the error messages to help the developer to find the right field not compliant to the serialization policies.

Best regards
Marcello De Marco

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