Saturday, July 30, 2011

Web-/Server Management Tool with GWT

Hi everybody!

I'm in charge of all the websites and web-plattforms in our company.
To make my and others life (maybe :-)) easier, I'm planning a kind of
web- and server management tool with GWT for our company.
I've read the whole GWT-Docs and at the moment I'm reading "Essential
GWT" by Federico Kereki.
Somehow I have some difficulties getting into the whole GWT-
stuff... :-)

Therefore I wanted to ask you, what you think about my plans and if
you have any suggestions on how to approach this. Also I'm interested
in suggestions, on how you would split up the "modules".
In addition, there are a few functionalities I'm not even sure, if
they are possible to implement.

The tool should do the following:
- I thought of the following layout:
--> The tool could be split up into modules.
--> An "overall tool" is responsible for user authentication and
management and for "embedding" each of the modules. Also the settings
of each module are configured within the "overall tool".

- The following "modules" I want to implement:
--> an already existing project management tool I wrote in PHP (this
I'm going to "translate" it into Java/GWT)
--> a calendar where each user can also share appointments with other
--> a task-tool (users can also share tasks)
--> we are using Microsoft Hosted Exchange - do you know, if it is
possible to make the HEX-Account accessible from within this tool? I
mean, the user would safe his credentials to the database and then,
each time, he logs in to the tool, he will be also authenticated to
HEX and he can access his E-Mails from the tool (without the need of
loading/authenticating another Website). I know, saving these
credentials to the database isn't really secure (maybe there are more
secure ways to do this).
--> Server Status: in this module I'd like to see different
information about the (Debian-)server, the tool is running on (like
CPU load, available memory, running services). And also the
possibility to start and stop some services (like Mail, FTP, Apache,
MySQL, etc.). In a future more advanced version, I could also imagine
registering all our servers and seeing their status.
--> module to manage one of our plattforms run on TYPO3 (nothing big,
just making DB-entries for a particular TYPO3-Extension)
--> Manage FTP-Users (PureFTP-Server)

The aim of the whole thing is also to provide a system, where a single
login is needed for all.

I'm curious about your comments.


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1 comment:

  1. Hello,
    Are you still having GWT problems. I can probably help if you are. I myself am having a problem getting a decent example of SplitLayoutPanel.
    I need to create an implementation with 3 size able columns and 3 scrollpanels for vertical scrolling.