Sunday, July 31, 2011

Re: GWT/GPE 2.4.0 RC1 is available

Will it be possible to use @Category on Proxies? Is there a way to
realize additional logic for RF proxies, with @Category or another
way? Currently I super sourced some RF core classes and replaced the
generator. I'am able to use @Category as described in AutoBeans. But
this means a lot of merging work on new releases. Did I miss something
with RF too implement additional logic in RF? It wouldn't be that much
work to enable @Category for proxies in a proper manner.

Another thing are all the private methods in RF / AutoBean generators
and in Service Layer logic on server side. These private methods
forces us to copy/paste a lot of code whenever we want to extend some
logic. What's the reason for this private restriction? Why not

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