Sunday, July 31, 2011

Re: Layout and styling of HorizontalPanel/VerticalPanel

If you use "myPanel" class for a Vertical or Horizontal panel, you can
set the style for <td> elements of these panels directly in the CSS

.myPanel td {
margin: 6px 0;

On Jul 28, 8:41 pm, clay <> wrote:
> The "setStyleName" method sets the CSS class of the generated <table>
> element. Is there any way I can set the CSS class of the generated
> <td> elements within the <table>?
> What I want to do is add spacing *between* HorizontalPanel/
> VerticalPanel cells but not around the outer edge of the
> HorizontalPanel/VerticalPanel itself. I don't believe you can do this
> at the <table> level in HTML. BTW, the "setSpacing" method sets the
> "cellspacing" attribute of the <table> element which doesn't produce
> the result that I'm looking for.
> Also, if I may ask, why does VerticalPanel use <table> rather than
> <div>? It seems to be there should be a Panel layout class that
> generates a sequence of <div> elements, which is a very common layout
> approach in raw HTML.

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