Sunday, July 31, 2011

Re: GWT/GPE 2.4.0 RC1 is available

Seeing that this new release involves new work in the area of cell
based widgets, it might be a great opportunity to fix a nasty keyboard
scrolling bug that I reported a few months back - see

I have looked at the new source code and the bug is still there. It is
an easy fix I think - which I posted with the bug report. It would be
great if we could get the fix into 2.4.0.

The bug involves scrolling up (ie back) using the keyboard (ie using
up arrow or page up keys) and occurs in any code that uses a
HasDataPresenter. This includes CellList, CellTable, and also the new

See the bug report, but basically the bug involves the lack of a check
against the start row index going negative when scrolling back in
KeyboardPagingPolicy.CHANGE_PAGE mode.

This is a show stopper for my application which is close to production
release. In the absolute worst case, I will need to do a special build
of GWT in order to release my product. Obviously it would be much
preferable to get the bug fixed in 2.4.0.

On Jul 28, 3:55 am, David Chandler <> wrote:
> GWT 2.4.0 adds a new DataGrid widget with scrollable data area and
> many enhancements to RequestFactory (see
> Google Plugin for Eclipse 2.4.0 introduces a wizard to publish your
> application to Google Apps Marketplace.
> SDK:
> Eclipse update sites:
> gwt-2.4.0-rc1 will appear in Maven Central shortly. Docs, Javadocs,
> and release notes will be published with the final release.
> --
> David Chandler
> Developer Programs Engineer, GWT+GAE
> w:
> b:
> b:
> t: @googledevtools

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