Friday, July 29, 2011

GWT Page flows - want to start a open source project - thoughts


I want to start a new opensource project - "GWT page flows" - similar
to struts.

With my moderate GWT knowledge, I did not find any way to weave
application with pages, though components are there.

Not all ajax applications are single page apps.

Here are my thoughts from very high level -
Use composites (widgets) as pages - build using designer.
Weave all these pages with the help of something like "struts-
It would have been great if GWT compilation is component by component
more transparently. Some thing under the hood is happening on these
lines. Even loading javascript into browser would have happened page
by page, only when it is needed.

Few questions:

Is it possible to build page flow on the above lines using GWT as is?
Are these features available in any other form, that I did not
realize? (UiBinder seems slightly different than I want)

Just I would like to brainstorm. Please share your thoughts.
- venu

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