Saturday, July 30, 2011

Re: Google Code Tutorials and Documentation - GWT OAuth

Well, if you've reached a point where you want to do stuff, that there
are no step-by-step tutorials for, you need to stop looking for
tutorials, and starting looking at reference material, ie, API
documentation, or documents/tutorials/papers on a specific technology.

You've touched upon it in your post, but GWT and App Engine are very
separate, and very different things. That the App Engine has a Java
runtime for you to run server-side code in, and that GWT compiles Java
to client-side code, is convenient, in that you stay in one language,
but that's all. Now, they DO make a good match, as they are both very
good at what they do (GWT on client-side, App-Engine on server-side)
but they are very different beasts, so you can't really 'apply
app-engine tutorials to GWT'.
What you can do is, use them on App Engine, and then use the result
to power your GWT app. You might want to read up on the HTTP protocol,
Web Services / REST architecture, if you haven't already, as these are
the core protocols used to make your GWT app talk to your App Engine

I'm pretty sure you understand that, but its important to have a clear
idea of your 'software stack'. What each component is, what it can &
can't do, what its responsible for. Perhaps make some toy projects
that only use App Engine(serving up static HTML), or only use GWT, to
get a better idea of where the separation is. (This works for any
other components/libraries you add later, it can be good to test them
in isolation before using them in tandem with other pieces of

Just a quick note on OpenID.. I dont know it that well, I looked at
the specs a few years ago, and will be again soon, but unless you
really really need it, its probably best to stick with the Google
Authentication API at first, as its stable and a LOT less complicated
to get right.

Hope this helps, my main point is, API References/User Guides/Protocol
Specs are your friends, when no-one has made a tutorial for a
specific case.
Good luck,

On Sat, Jul 30, 2011 at 2:44 PM, Matthew Cote <> wrote:

> I am sure there are numerous reasons why you would use the GWT without
> the app engine, but I am primarily interested in writing app engine
> apps with the GWT - there is a annoying division of tutorials and
> documentation regarding GWT and the Google App Engine. In the Google
> App Engine site there are tutorials for OpenID, OAuth, and the like, I
> cannot find a decent step by step tutorial for using OpenID with GWT.
> I would really like to see more tutorials for the GWT - especially on
> OpenID, but also - how to play audio, how to use the data store with
> GWT, Single Sign-On, etc I guess what it comes down to is - How can I
> apply the tutorials in App Engine Documentation to the GWT? Can the
> GWT or App Engine doc site include an explanation of how the two work
> together or how they relate - I want to use the GWT because it makes
> writing client-side code very easy for me, I want to use the App
> Engine because it makes deployment very easy for me. I want to use the
> two together.

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