Saturday, July 30, 2011

Google Code Tutorials and Documentation - GWT OAuth

This message I hope finds its way to someone that works on the
Google Code Documentation and Tutorials for GWT for the greater good,
but I have taken a look at the posts and reply on this group and I am
aware there are many people out there that help others out with their
issues and I would appreciate that as well. I have been writing code
for less than 3 months, I normally move dirt with a shovel for a
living and I am determined to be a "software engineer" or something
cool like that in a year or so. I have created only one app in my
entire life, it is a chess program and it is not very good (yet!).
Just letting you geniuses out there know that I am an beginner and I
didn't go to college, I learned Java from a book I stole from the
library (it was written in 1995 and feels a bit dated, i.e. Java 2).
Note: I write using Eclipse.

THE ISSUE: GWT tutorials and documentation.

I am sure there are numerous reasons why you would use the GWT without
the app engine, but I am primarily interested in writing app engine
apps with the GWT - there is a annoying division of tutorials and
documentation regarding GWT and the Google App Engine. In the Google
App Engine site there are tutorials for OpenID, OAuth, and the like, I
cannot find a decent step by step tutorial for using OpenID with GWT.

I would really like to see more tutorials for the GWT - especially on
OpenID, but also - how to play audio, how to use the data store with
GWT, Single Sign-On, etc I guess what it comes down to is - How can I
apply the tutorials in App Engine Documentation to the GWT? Can the
GWT or App Engine doc site include an explanation of how the two work
together or how they relate - I want to use the GWT because it makes
writing client-side code very easy for me, I want to use the App
Engine because it makes deployment very easy for me. I want to use the
two together.

see for me App Engine is great because I can host my site for free, I
can publish my app on the Chrome Web Store. You got to try and imagine
how cool it is for a guy like me (im a loser and know it, just trying
to change it) to publish an application on Google Chrome Web Store - I
feel like I am learning things that can really change my life and for
a couple of months now its all I can think of.

to all those who may take the time to write me something - thanks

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