Friday, July 29, 2011

Can't create HTML file

I attempting to follow Jeff Douglas's Blog tutorial for HelloUiBinder using Eclipse Helios.  I did get the first example to work but the screenshot of the New Project Webproject wizard doesn't have the check box to include sample code.  If I check the box I get useless classes.

Today I attempted to recreate his project without loading in the example code and all went well for his first example until I needed to create an HTML page.  If I created an HTML file in the WAR folder then C&P from the example HTML file Eclipse I cannot get Eclipse to include the page in the project.  But I can't use New HTML page either.  It asks for a file name and a Module.  I am not able to use the Add Module part of the wizard.  It finds nothing in all cases and I have not yet found any help.

How is this wizard used for this purpose?  



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