Sunday, July 31, 2011

Re: How to use RequestFactory: .with(propertyRefs) for composition of objects

Hi there:

Assuming that your lists are named listB, listC, listD, then you would
.with ("A.listB", "A.listB.listC", "A.listB.listC.listD")
to cause your various proxies to be populated by a single call to the

Hope that helps,

On Jul 31, 3:31 pm, basilboli <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am newbie to GWT and  I need your professional advice.
> My question is :
> how to use RequestFactory: *.with(propertyRefs)* for kind of "tree"
> structures when
> these propertyRefs itself contains list of items I would like to retrieve.
> Some details:
> On the server-side I have hierarchy of four domain objects A,B,C,D:
>    - A object contains (or I'd better say keep reference to)  List <B>
>    - B contains List <C>
>    - C contains List <D>.
> All mentioned domain objects have its corresponding proxy interfaces AProxy,
> BProxy, CProxy, DProxy to use on the client side.
> On the client side I would like to get all that hierarchy of objects
> by once requesting AProxy object so I would profit from the easiness of data
> access using "get" methods and wouldn't be obliged to make looping server
> requests for every sub-object, sub-sub-objects etc.
> Due to specification I should use smth. like  .with("property ref") to get
> one level of hierarchy
> but what about retrieving following levels of compositions (in my case List
> <C> for every object B and List<D> for every object C).
> Thanks in advance.

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