Monday, February 28, 2011

Re: Upadate Data of CellList

Well, I haven't looked at the Showcase example, but I'd bet good money
that those null pointers are the result of your actions, not anything
in GWT.

Are you disposing of the data you got from the server after your call
to updateRow? Remember, YOU are providing the data to the renderer.
That means you have to keep a copy of the data around for the renderer
whenever it wants it.


On Feb 25, 9:59 am, Andreas <> wrote:
> > If you're only adding to the end of the list, then keep track of how
> > many items you've already added, and call updateRowData (prevNumAdded
> > - 1, newData);
> Unfortunately this works only on initial filling. The second time I
> call this I've got nullPointers in my cell.render method for the first
> items added. This is another thing I dont understand: why is the
> render method call for my whole list and not only for the one that
> I've added in the updateRowData method and why the first 10 are null.
> Also I dont understand which method forces the list to re render?
> > If you're changing things / adding things in the middle, you can do
> > all sorts of complicated things to figure out where the changes are,
> > and only give your CellList the changes, but you're probably better
> > off simply replacing everything and letting CellList worry about it.
> Draw the whole list is not that good cause you have a short delay
> where the list disappears. And there must be  a way to get it work, as
> shown in the showcase example.

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