Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grid component not displayed correctly in Eclipse GWT Designer plugin


I am a new user to GWT and GXT. I have installed below plugins into
Eclipse EE Helios 3.6 32-bit

- Google Plugin for Eclipse 3.6 (
- Google App Engine Java SDK 1.4.2 (
- Google Web Toolkit SDK 2.2.0 (
- Windows Builder Engine 0.9.0 (
- GWT Designer 2.2.0 into Eclipse 3.6 (

Beside these, I have installed JDK1.6.0_24 32-bit. All of these are
run in Windows 7 64-bit Professional.

I am able to create a new Web Application Project successfully and
able to add the EXT GWT (GXT 2.2.1) through eclipse from menu Google
Web Toolkit -> Configure for using EXT GWT (GXT) into GWT Designer
palette. All the GXT components are shown nicely.

The root panel, layout, and content panel are created on the screen.
However, I am not able to create a Grid components (eg Grid, Editor
Grid, EditorTree Grid). In fact, the grid component created on the
panel is a small rectangle. I won't able to resize it no matter do it
in code or properties.

All the same plugins and installations are applied into another
machine which using Windows XP Professional, it cannot be created and
running successfully. When the source files transferred to Windows 7,
it is not even can compile!

In addition, another machine which is also Windows XP Professional and
installed all the plugins is same to my Windows 7. It won't able to
create the Grid component.

Anyone knows how to solve this problem. Urgent.


Wilson Hew

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