Saturday, February 26, 2011

Re: Detecting inactivity on the client


My solution to this problem was to implement polling to the Servlet
layer, based on events that were fired. So if no event was fired the
would timeout and jump to another page.
Since all my user events go through a common event bus
(BasePresenter), this
is easy to accomplish.


On Feb 24, 4:21 am, shahid <> wrote:
> I am looking to find the best way to detect inactivity in a GWT
> application. In a traditional web application this would be done
> through a session timeout, however in a GWT app it is different
> because:
> 1. It is quite possible that at one point in time the client has got
> enough data from the server to allow the user to keep interacting with
> the system without the need for another server rpc call for a while
> which could be long enough to cause a session timeout on the server
> which is undesirable.
> 2. One possibility is to keep polling the server periodically. However
> in my case I am already polling the server periodically to get
> notifications and updates etc. So it is possible that the user would
> leave his desk and because the polling is alive, the server session
> never times out.
> I therefore need a way to detect the inactivity on the client. What is
> the best way to achieve this? Is using DOM event listeners a good
> idea ?

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