Monday, February 28, 2011

Re: Own GWT library without web.xml

I figured out the problem by myself: I went to properties --> Google --
> Web Toolkit and CHECKED the "Use Google Web Toolkit" option!
That doesn't really make sense for me because when I have a Google Web
Project than eclipse would require a web.xml file even more. But maybe
eclipse recogniced after activating the gwt checkbox that I have
already unchecked the Web Application -> "This
project has a war directory" property...

But anaway - SOLVED!

thanks guys!

On 28 Feb., 16:31, klemensr <> wrote:
> I unchecked the "This project has a war directory" already - The
> strange thing is that the type of the error message "The web.xml file
> does not exist" is "Google Web App Problem". So the suggestion to
> uncheck this field was a great idea but unfortunately I did that
> already. I also checked the eclipse.pref files and of course restarted
> eclipse.
> @Jaff Schwartz: What do you mean with importing the library into my
> web.xml file?
> thanks so far, hopefully sb can help me out anyway...
> On 25 Feb., 16:55, Jack <> wrote:
> > Go to project properties -> Google -> Web Application and uncheck "This
> > project has a war directory".

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