Saturday, February 26, 2011

Re: is it possible to use an SLF4J adapter in GWT to wrap java.util.logging ?

In short NO, this is why I wrote i_log.

The main problem with all log libraries is their static initialization
(log4j, slf4j exc)
and synchronous loading of the log config file. These were the two
huge issues that I had to over come
porting apache commons logging to gwt which I renamed as i_log.

I haven't tried directing (wrapping) it to java.util.logging in GWT
but it does work server side (also I did log4j).

I immagine it wouldn't be two much work to get i_log wrapping
java.util.logging on the client in GWT working,
probably just a addition to
so that it has a .gwt.xml module file.

I would suggest dropping slf4j and using i_log,
slf4j also doesn't work on JME (Java Micro Edition),
i_log works everywhere you could use a .java souce code file to
my knowledge.


On Feb 24, 9:04 pm, zixzigma <> wrote:
> is it possible to use an SL4J adapter in GWT to wrap java.util.logging ?
> I would like to be able to use file to define formatting,
> which I believe is not possible with java.util.logging.
> Thank You

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