Monday, February 28, 2011

Issue with RichTextArea in Firefox (spell checker)


I'm using a where I've
attached a key handler. When pressing "space" (on non IE-browsers) I'm
adding " " (as html) instead of letting the default behavior.

richTextArea.getFormatter().insertHTML(" ");

I need this because sometimes other characters are added by default.
Anyway the reason is not important.

The problem is that after executing this line in Firefox, the
paragraph that I was editing looses the spell checker. This means that
if any word was already highlighted as wrong by FF, it is shown as
correct now (no underline, nothing). The only word in the paragraph
analyzed by the spell checker is the last word (the one just before
pressing space). All other paragraphs are OK, they continue to show
all misspelled words.
This area is opened in a org.gwt.mosaic.ui.client.WindowPanel panel,
and if I resize it, the area is redrawn and the spell checker works on
all text (until I edit it, and add html again).

Any ideas?
Thank you.

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