Friday, September 18, 2020

Upcoming Virtual Events

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Friday, September 18th, 2020

Slow Family,

We are hosting a few fun upcoming events through the end of the month on Livestack (a platform we are working on for fan-funded events). These all should be a great time if you can join:

Comedy Showcase with Johnny Corn 
Saturday, 9/19 @ 8:30p PT

Johnny Corn, an SF Bay Area comedian & actor, was requested by one of his fans to put on a showcase with other comedians here in the bay. He will be joining the virtual stage along with longtime friends Nicole Tran & Reggie Shorter.

Alyx Bell x Elizabeth Woolf: Reunion Show
Sunday, 9/20 @ 4p PT

Elizabeth & Alyx both met freshman year at UC Berkeley, started a band together and since then have grown into their careers as solo artists. Both artists are now Portland based and will be streaming the show live from Alyx's backyard. You can check out and pre-order Elizabeth's album debuting in October here.

Iqram & The Immigrant Groove: Release of 'One Nation' 
Tuesday, 9/29 @ 4:30p PT

Iqram & The Immigrant Groove makes funky Immigrant Music and is created by two Immigrants, Iqram (Zimbabwe) & Mamadou (Senegal). They'll be celebrating the release of their upcoming single, 'One Nation', in advance of the November  election. You can listen to the track before it goes live to all streaming platforms on Ense Exclusives here.

Hope to see you there!

The Slow Team

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