Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Re: Eclipse Version

Debugging with the old client is dead, because of changes from web browser, so at the end you have to migrate to Super Dev Mode.

It's a pitty that NetBeans still hasn't support the new Super Dev Mode but there are workarounds:

(1) Directly debug in Chrome, the easiest one but with some problem with variable names. I found this one is good enough for me, see:*zeTE0robP4_HQ2gc6WAVUQ.png

(2) Try to run the debugger on Chrome in your IDE. For this to work your IDE needs to have Chrome Web Browser Plugin (IntelliJ Ultimate and Eclipse have this). Here is an example doing this in IntelliJ: (never tried this by myself)

(3) In Eclipse you have the plugin SDBG (which is actually the extension of (2)): (never tried this by myself)

Is there other possibilities? schrieb am Mittwoch, 30. September 2020 um 09:51:00 UTC+2:
Thank You Frank & Lofi for your guidance.

We will analyze the links  provided by you and revert you back what we experience on that.

But the point where we have a doubt is, currently we use GWT 2.6.1 plugin for netbeans and are able to debug a client source in netbeans it self. 
By marking a breakpoints in client source on netbeans, browser automatically communicate with netbeans because of (browser GWT plugin & netbeans GWT plugin). 
Browser transfers the control on the break point already marked in netbeans and from there we can debug our code (using F7, F8 keys) in netbeans itself.

Will we get this type of functionality after moving to maven or whatever, as you suggest.  
We just want to know how will we able to debug our client source in java same as previous.


On Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 3:05:53 AM UTC+5:30 wrote:
NetBeans has a very good Maven support. So you can do everything with Maven, also in NetBeans. With Maven you are IDE independent:
Introduction to Maven:
After you know how to work with Maven...
Maven plugin for GWT: 
It is worth it for everyone to learn Maven to build you project, so you are IDE independent.

Also you can take a look at this presentation to understand the anatomy of GWT web apps:

If you have done the Maven stuffs you can use the Project Generator which Frank showed above. The important part IMHO is to understand what Maven gives you and how you can use Maven to build your project first.

Hope this helps.
Lofi schrieb am Montag, 28. September 2020 um 13:47:00 UTC+2:

hi Lofi,

we are also having same problem. we are using: 
1. 2.6.1 GWT version.
2. netbeans as a GUI with GWT plug in (which helps in debugging Source (SDBG))

but now, we want to switch to newer or latest version of GWT 2.9.0 but there is no plugin for netbeans yet.
Instead there is a eclipse plugin, so we don't  have any option, we just have to move on eclipse (provide the training to team and understanding the eclipse functionality etc.).

reading your answer seems that we can use maven for all things. But as we always worked on netbeans we don't know how can we configure, develop, debug etc. the GWT project in maven.

can you please help us or share any document which can help us understanding the GWT project configuring in MAVEN.  

On Saturday, September 12, 2020 at 3:12:16 PM UTC+5:30 wrote:
@Craig: Oh I don't know that Eclipse Plugin... I never use it...

I always use pure Maven and if you are familiar with Spring Boot, I've developed similar mechanism GWT Boot (at the moment without the Initializr, but I'm planning to do that).

... with all examples available just like Spring Boot... All still ini SNAPSHOT, so if you are working behind a firewall in your company you need to add the Sonatype Snapshot:

        <name>Sonatype Snapshots</name> 

For me it is always easier just to work with Maven and I could choose my IDE (Eclipse, IntelliJ or VSC for Java).

Hope this helps.
Craig Mitchell schrieb am Samstag, 12. September 2020 um 05:21:37 UTC+2:
I haven't updated to the latest Eclipse yet, however, does the GWT plugin not work anymore?

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