Sunday, September 27, 2020

Hierarchical data with Editor

My use case is to edit an hierachical list of node and group of nodes.
Starting from a root group, user can create/delete groups and create/delete/edit nodes inside group.
The Node have dynamic types. Type and the corresponding data is choosen at creation time.

Node is a leaf in the hierachy. Only 1 node can be edited at a time, all others are just displayed.

The model is :

// abstract for Node and Group of Node
class Abstractbean
String id;
String name;

class Node extends Abstractbean {
enum typeNode
NodeData data
class Group extends Abstractbean
List<Abstractbean> listNodes;
//examples of type of data
class NodeDataType1 implements NodeData
String model;
class NodeDataType2 implements NodeData
Date model;

Do you think that Editor framework is a good choice for such an use case ?
Thanks in advance for any hints

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