Thursday, September 10, 2020

Re: Weird type error in lambdas with generics, with JsInterop

Actually, I was able to pin-point to a small piece of code. 
My feeling is that it fails every time where the callback is a method reference which involved generic types.

JsInterop method called:
@JsType(isNative = true, name = "window", namespace = "<global>")
public class CordovaFileSystemGlobal {
    public static native void resolveLocalFileSystemURL(String url, FileSystemEntryCallback success, FileErrorCallback error);

In another, class Invocation:
public void resolveLocalFileSystemURL(String url, FileCallback<FileSystemEntry, com.inspectivity.go.client.filesystem.webkit.FileError> callback) {
    CordovaFileSystemGlobal.resolveLocalFileSystemURL(url, callback::onSuccess, callback::onFailure);

File Callback:
public interface FileCallback<S, E> {
         public void onSuccess(S entry);
         public void onFailure(E error);


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