Saturday, September 12, 2020

Re: A Short Intro Article to JsInterop "Native"

Great to hear that the article helps you! 

I'm planing to write following short introduction:
- The next one would be handling the work with Elemental2 - this is the foundation
- Showing Dependency Injection and all standard mechanism (patterns in Java, Mock objects, etc.)  which we use daily in Java.
- Maybe Elemento, because some UI frameworks use this as foundation
- Then going down to all those nice UI frameworks like Domino, DnComponents, VueGWT, React4J, PatternFly4Java, GWTBootstrap3, GWT MaterialDesign... Also with Nalu... 

So a lot of to write 😂IMHO GWT / J2CL is very good if you are coming from Java, eco system, tooling, language for the whole layer. As a Java developer I have everything, so no need to go to TypeScript and JS...

Stay tuned 😉

Craig Mitchell schrieb am Samstag, 12. September 2020 um 05:13:20 UTC+2:
Thanks Lofi.  I have been using JSNI, and wanted a quick intro into JsInterop.  Your article was perfect.  Very well written.

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