Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Why does my ImageBitmap get squished if I resize the Canvas to the size of the bitmap

As far as I can judge this is more a cosmetic issue but it might have implications that I don't understand/see yet.

I have a vertical panel that serves as a container for a small image and a number label.

As member I have a 

private Canvas thumbnailCanvas;
private ResizeLayoutPanel rlp = new ResizeLayoutPanel();

and in the constructor I create the canvas with and add both the canvas and the label to the vertical panel

this.add(rlp); // this is the vertical panel

JavaScriptObject imageBitmap = image.getImageBitmap();
Context2d ctx = thumbnailCanvas.getContext2d();
ctx.drawImage((ImageElement)imageBitmap, 0, 0);

this works fine BUT when inspecting the HTML elements the canvas has a dimension of 300x150 and if I resize the canvas before I draw the bitmap to it, the bitmap dimension it gets squished as if I squished the canvas instead of resized it.

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