Friday, May 5, 2017

Re: JSInterop for Lovefield database

Looks like Lovefield has the concept of a Column so you would also define a Column class. Your Table class would then provide a method to get a Column by name.

Next the docs you linked say that search conditions are defined on an interface called PredicateProvider which a Column implements. So I guess you would do the same in Java / JsInterop as well.

Untested, maybe there are other solutions, haven't done a lot with JsInterop yet:

@JsType(isNative = true)
public class Table {

public Column getColumn(String name) {
return JSNIHelper.getProperty(this, name); // You need JSNI here or take a look if jsinterop.base library can help here

@JsType(isNative = true)
public interface PredicateProvider {

// eq() can take different parameter types. How to best manage it, take a look at
// see api:
Predicate eq(...);


@JsType(isNative = true)
public class Column implements PredicateProvider {

public native Predicate eq(...);


-- J.

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