Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Re: GWT DataGrid background colour for rows

DataGrid being a "cell widget", it will be "re-rendered" regularly, losing all modifications you manually did to the DOM tree.
You can "persist" your changes using setRowStyles for classnames applied to a TableRowElement, or custom column with overridden getCellStyleNames for classnames applied to a TableCellElement, or a custom CellTableBuilder for more complex custom rendering; or you can use a RedrawEvent.Handler to reapply your changes every time the grid is re-rendered.

On Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at 3:50:01 PM UTC+2, Santanu Banerjee wrote:
I am trying to apply background colour to some rows dynamically based on some program logic, but I can see that the colour is disspearing on any further row selection.
I used two approaches to change the colour.
1) baseGrid.getRowElement(i).getCells().getItem(0).addClassName(<css style>);

Use a setRowStyles(), with a RowStyles implementation that returns <css style>
2)TableCellElement cell = grid.getRowElement(i).getCells().getItem(colIndex); cell.getStyle().setProperty("background", "#DDDDDD");

Could you please suggest any alternative ways I can do it. so that the background colour of the rows do not change on any further row selection?


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