Monday, May 22, 2017

Re: Missing Custom Linker Output Files when using GWT Eclipse Plugin

Is my issue the same as Vitaly's in this thread?

So I just "need to use GWT.getModuleBaseForStaticFiles() instead of GWT.getModuleBaseURL()."?

I'm actually not using either API right now.  I'm just creating a new artifact with AbstractLinker.emitString(), supplying a file name only (e.g. foo.js) as the partialPath argument.  I then add that new artifact to a copy of the ArtifactSet passed into my custom linker's link() method, and that ArtifactSet is returned as the result of link().

As in the other thread, my new artifact shows up in the war/<module> directory during a command-line build of the GWT project, but not when running SDM mode in Eclipse.  (I can get to show up by running Classic Dev Mode in Eclipse because it also runs the custom linker, apparently without the "fake" SDM server.)

(GWT 2.7.0)

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