Friday, May 19, 2017

looking for better GWT 2.7 samples- esp. a button menu

I'm new to GWT, joining an existing project using GWT 2.7, and gwtbootstrap3, rev 0.9.3

I need to change a label to a popdown menu. I tried using a ListBox, but it's look widely varies across browsers ignoring font size and more, and is almost uniformly ugly.
But the ListBox has the right functionality.

Currently I'm trying to adapt their menubar example, with a single menu.!CwMenuBar

Three questions:

1. Is this a reasonable approach?  What would be better?
I found gwt.material and com.gwtext examples that look better, but we're not using those libs.
I also found a purely CSS widget, but the GWT docs say to do that as a last resort- My css skills are pretty rudimentary.

2. In the above page, the source tab is incomplete- there's no class definition. Should I put this in a class that extends CompositeWidget?

3. It contains "@Override public Widget onInitialize()" So it should implement InitializeHandler?


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