Thursday, May 4, 2017

Loading only relevant shared code in an html page.


I'm a GWT newbie.

1. Is it possible to load only a subset of a module's shared code in an html page, declaratively or otherwise? 

Use-case: I may have a lot of shared code in my overall application, not all of which may be relevant to every single html page (of my overall application). So, I'd like to be able to load only select portions of the shared code in a given html page, ignoring portions of it not used by the page.

2. If the above is not possible, then... Is it possible to have multiple modules in a single Eclipse project, using either the Eclipse IDE or the webAppCreator command-line tool? 

The idea is this: 

IF I have a total of 10000 methods in my overall application's shared code, 
IF I have 100 pages each requiring 100 methods only (on average),
THEN, I wouldn't want to create 100 different Eclipse projects for these 100 modules (consisting of 100 functions each) when a single Eclipse project could well do the job.

Thanks and regards,

PS: When I say "load" above, I mean loading of the code by the browser, generating a proportional amount of network traffic.

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