Friday, February 24, 2017

VertxUI 1.0

Hi all,

I'm proud to announce version 1.0 of VertxUI, an asynchronous 100% java front-end kit optimised for VertX, with GWT/elemental behind the scenes. With VertX and VertxUI bind together, there is a 100% asynchronous stack to work with, which is absolutely unique in the Java world. Use it for single-page applications or microservices that only serve a part of the GUI.

Write GUI in a declarative way with the Fluent kit by describing how the view should be (a view-on-a-model) based purely on your POJO models or state. If any interaction happens, VertxUI takes care of optimal minimal changing the DOM (a la ReactJS). VertxUI integrates well with pure HTML+CSS frameworks like BootStrap, Jquery Mobile and PureCSS.

Because there is a virtual DOM behind the scenes, it is extremely easy to write jUnit tests for the GUI, which run extremely fast without spinning a browser. You can also write mixed-language java+javascript tests that call your running Java-in-a-browser code in a headless browser, perfect for jUnit testing your interface in a real DOM.

VertxUI also provides POJO facilities clientside and serverside for ajax websockets SockJS and VertX's Eventbus. FigWheely provides automatic recompilation to javascript and auto-reloading files inside the browser, which makes development a lot faster.

Please take a look at



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