Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Re: Mojo's Maven Plugin for GWT - general questions

On Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 3:48:51 AM UTC+1, Magnus wrote:
Hello Ignacio,

thank you for the Youtube-Link.

Concerning the old GWT plugin:

I am using Eclipse Neon with the corresponding GWT plugin from here:

This is the official GWT plugin for Eclipse Neon. Is this outdated??

See https://developers.google.com/eclipse/ ⇒ "The Google Plugin for Eclipse will not be supported past Eclipse 4.6 Neon. Developers may replace its functionality as follows: […] For GWT, install the GWT Eclipse plugin."

Concerning the old maven plugin:

It shows how to create a Maven project using eclipse. But I'd prefer to create it outside eclipse, like shown in the documentation for Mojo's Maven plugin:


Is this documentation outdated? Where can I find the new one?

See https://github.com/gwt-maven-plugin/gwt-maven-plugin/issues/137
Anyhow, I would prefer to create the project outside eclipse (like shown in the documentation above). How can I do that?

I recommend building POMs "from scratch" (or possibly start with a simple JAR or WAR archetype) and then add the GWT dependencies and the gwt-maven-plugin to it (possibly adopting the gwt-app packaging from net.ltgt.gwt.maven:gwt-maven-plugin).
You can also use the WebAppCreator from GWT: java -cp "/path/to/gwt-dev-2.8.0.jar:/path/to/gwt-user-2.8.0.jar" com.google.gwt.user.tools.WebAppCreator -maven com.example.myapp.MyApp; this should give you something similar to the Mojo plugin's archetype, but using net.ltgt.gwt.maven:gwt-maven-plugin. This is not the setup I'd recommend (puts client and server code in the same Maven module), but it works (this is the setup used in GWT's samples).

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