Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Re: Mojo's Maven Plugin for GWT - general questions


thank you all for your help. BTW: This is a great group!

Let me summarize, where I am now:
  • Eclipse Neon
  • GWT Eclipse Plugin V3
    upgraded from Eclipse 4.6 Neon
  • Mojo's Maven Plugin for Eclipse
    still this one for now, see below
Now the eclipse context menu on the project name looks like this:

But calling "GWT Development mode" results in this message:

Usage: at least one module must be supplied

I don't understand this message, because I provided a name for a module when I created the project.

Where can I go from here?

I have the newest eclipse with the right GWT plugin
And I have Mojo's GWT plugin, which is not deprecated, as mentioned in the post Thomas referred to:

If it's not deprecated, then how can I get it working? 

I would like to stay with this configuration for a while, since I don't like hopping to the next tool/plugin as soon as there are difficulties with the current one.
So please, as long there is nothing deprecated in my setup, what's still wrong then?

Now to the other approaches:
  • Using the "tbroyer" maven plugin for GWT:
    I believe that this is the better, more scaleable plugin. But as already mentioned in another thread, I cannot live with the fact that this plugin creates 4 top-layer projects for one application. Although there is a hierarchy at the file system level, there is a flat list of projects shown eclipse's standard view, which is the package view. There are also three sub packages when creating a new GWT project with the GWT eclipse plugin, but they show up in a hierarchical manner, when you select "hierarchical view". The tbroyer project remains flat. I don't know how someone wants to work with n projects shown um as n*4 entries in this view?

  • Create maven project "from scratch"
    This may be instructive, but it's not a good approach when you are at the very beginning with maven, as I am. For now, I need a tool that creates a maven project for me.
Remember where I am coming from: I used to create my GWT projects solely with the eclipse plugin, without Maven. This is what I want to get rid of. I already love to change things like the JDK or GWT version just by editing the pom.xml file and Maven does all the rest. However, I never used many GWT modules in my projects and for my first steps with Maven I would like to have something equivalent. I am sure that this would be important for many new users.

Now that all my tools are up to date, there must be an approach for me...


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