Monday, February 13, 2017

Re: Which maven archetype for GWT applications?

Hi Thomas,

I would not choose the build tool depending on wether eclipse is or is not able to show it's structure correctly.
It seems that the "modular webapp" project structure is hierarchical with three subfolders. Using Juan's advice, I can see this structure also in eclipse now. So everything seems to be ok, for now. :-)

To make it perfect, I'd like to give different names to the subfolders / subprojects.
By default, the subprojects repeat most of the main project's name, like this:
  • myprojects-apps-app1
    • myprojects-apps-app1-client
    • myprojects-apps-app1-server
    • myprojects-apps-app1-shared
I would like to make this more compact, like this:
  • myprojects-apps-app1
    • client
    • server
    • shared
(Note that I am referring to the project/folder names, not the package names.)
Maybe that I still do not set the groupId and artefactId correcty...


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