Monday, February 13, 2017

Re: Which maven archetype for GWT applications?

On Monday, February 13, 2017 at 6:15:15 PM UTC+1, Magnus wrote:
Hi Juan,

thanks, but my package presentation is already set to "hierarchical".
I would be glad if I could fix this with an eclipse setting...

Maven doesn't allow you to use different classpaths for different subsets of the source tree; you have to use different Maven modules for that, which means moving files around.
So you have two possibilities:
  • don't split your client/shared/server code and use the same classpath for all (i.e. put server-side dependencies into the classpath for the GWT compiler and devmode, and vice versa put gwt-user and gwt-dev, and other GWT dependencies into your classpath for compiling your server-side code; this could slow the build and cause conflicts, some of them possibly only detected at runtime); it'll also complexify your Maven configuration (POM)
  • don't use Maven. Maybe use Gradle instead; though I'm not sure if/how "subsetting" the source tree is well-supported by the Gradle/Eclipse integrations (either Buildship or the gradle eclipse plugin), but chances are good that you could make it work eventually.
(the third being to keep your current build tool, or possibly use e.g. Ant, which would however mean configuring your Eclipse projects mostly "by hand")

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