Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mojo's Maven Plugin for GWT - general questions


I am evaluating Mojo's Maven Plugin for GWT using GWT:2.8.0 and Eclipse Neon.
The docs contain some statements that don't work in my environment.

Using Eclipse:
The Google Plugin for Eclipse automatically handles launching DevMode with a simple right click on your module gwt.xml file "run as > web application".

When I right-click on my gwt.xml-file, the menu entry "Run As" doesn't contain such a command. It only contains "Run Configurations...".
In addition, how can I start a debug session that stops on breakpoints in the server-side part of the code?

Another point are all the modifications of the pom.xml file suggested by the docs.

Do you have to add them manually to the pom.xml file? I thought that everything is generated when using the maven artefact?


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